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The team hold regular training sessions both in the bases as well as practical exercises on the hill.

This training includes rope work, care of the casualty and first aid, helicopter safety, navigation and the use of radios.

Members also attend specialist training courses in other parts of Scotland on subjects such as first aid, avalanche awareness and rigging for mountain rescue.

Due to Covid-19, the team has now undertaken some training using video conferencing.


Skye MRT Training
Skye MRT Training
Skye MRT Training
Skye MRT Training
Skye MRT Training
Scottish Mountain Rescue

Skye Mountain Rescue
c/o Police Scotland
Somerled Square
Isle of Skye
IV51 9EH

Registered Charity SC)38386

If you require assistance in an emergency, dial 999, ask for POLICE and then MOUNTAIN RESCUE.

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